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Hand Strap

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Make handling and carrying your Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC easier. This handstrap attaches to the screw bosses on the back of your tablet providing secure attachment points. Designed for either left or right-handed users; in landscape or portrait viewability mode. The adjustable Velcro makes this handstrap easy to use for any size hand.

(product # FPCETC13 )

Stylistic ST4110, Stylistic ST4110P, Stylistic ST4120, Stylistic ST4120P, Stylistic ST4121, Stylistic ST5010, Stylistic ST5010D, Stylistic ST5011, Stylistic ST5011D, Stylistic ST5020, Stylistic ST5020D, Stylistic ST5021, Stylistic ST5021D, Stylistic ST5022, Stylistic ST5022D, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST5112

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