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Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Skin

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Protect your keyboard! These clear plastic keyboard skins are custom-made to fit your Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad. The edges have an adhesive backing to ensure that the keyboard skin stays in place.

Compatible with part number: FPCKB96A1P and FPCKC18A1P. Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad must be purchased separately.

(product # FPCKS03 )

Stylistic ST4110, Stylistic ST4120, Stylistic ST4121, Stylistic ST5010, Stylistic ST5010D, Stylistic ST5011, Stylistic ST5011D, Stylistic ST5020, Stylistic ST5020D, Stylistic ST5021, Stylistic ST5021D, Stylistic ST5022, Stylistic ST5022D, Stylistic ST5030, Stylistic ST5030D, Stylistic ST5031, Stylistic ST5031D, Stylistic ST5032, Stylistic ST5032D, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST6012

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