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Fujitsu USB Wired Mouse (White)

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" Offering contoured comfort and precision accuracy, the Fujitsu USB wired mouse offers easy USB plug-n-play functionality. It is a two-button plus scroll wheel mouse. The mouse comes with a ratcheting wheel centered between the two button keys. High-definition tracking enables responsive cursor control for precise tracking and easy text selection. The mouse wheel can be moved slowly in incremental ratchets, or quickly with a single, sweeping motion of the finger to rapidly advance through multiple ratchets. The mouse wheel also functions as a third button and can be activated by pressing on it. Color: White. Height: 1.35", Length: 4.3", Width: 2.4" Weight: 2.8 ounces Two buttons and one scroll wheel which can also be used as a button Suitable for both right-and left-handers Modern new design fits perfectly with new PC designs Ease of use via USB - just plug & play USB Cable Length, 1.0m

(product # FPCMO036AP )

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