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Modular Bay Pico Projector

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As a business notebook user you may have encountered the scenario of arriving at an important meeting, only to discover that the projector is broken, missing or just will not work with your notebook. The patented modular Bay Pico Projector solves that problem and converts your notebook into a fully-mobile office, granting you the flexibility you demand. Show your colleagues the latest figures, videos or illustrations and profit from spontaneous presentations without cables, simplifying your way of working. When on the move or at home, you can also benefit from the projector to play your favorite movies. The modular Bay Projector is specifically designed to fit into the modular bay of your notebook <> Specs: --Resolution: 854x480 pixels --Image Size (Throw Distance): 15"" to 75"" --Brightness: 40 ANSI Lumens (AC Adapter required for high brightness) --Contrast: 500-1000: 1 --Keystone Correction: /- 18 Degrees --Diagonal Image Correction: up to 30 inches Dimension: 5 x 5 x 0.5 inches Weight: 0.35 lbs Driver Disc included "

(product # FPCPRJ06AP )

E733, E734, E743, E744, E753, E754

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