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To protect your Fujitsu system, choose from our warranty options below. Program Overview

Years of Coverage / Service Programs
Please select total years of coverage and proceed to select a service program option. Standard International Limited Warranty is included with each program.
1 Year
Add +$ 62.00
Add +$ 190.00
Add +$ 252.00
2 Years
Add +$ 120.00
Add +$ 138.00
Add +$ 443.00
Add +$ 549.00
3 Years
Add +$ 222.00
Add +$ 239.00
Add +$ 706.00
Add +$ 858.00
4 Years
Add +$ 366.00
Add +$ 379.00

Product Name *Estimated Ship Date Unit Price

Subtotal in CAD

* Estimated Ship Date reflects the date the order will be available to ship if the order is approved without any issues. Issues that can delay a shipment include problems with the method of payment provided or an unforeseen change in inventory. Please use this date as a guideline only. Once the order is approved, a confirmed ship date will be provided via email.

* TBD refers to items that are temporarily out of stock. If you order a TBD item at this time, Fujitsu America, Inc. will contact you within two (2) business days via email to confirm availability and a shipment date. You will not be billed until the item is shipped.

* Out of Stock refers to items that are not currently available and may not be in stock for some time. Please call 1-800-FUJITSU for information on alternative products in stock that may fit your needs.