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U820 Lanyard / Tether
The lanyard/tether attaches your U820. Minimizes accidentally dropping the ...
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Hand Strap
Made of sturdy, adjustable webbing, the padded handstrap attaches to molded screw bosses on the back of the PenCentra to make carrying and handling ...
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PenCentra 130, PenCentra 200
Mini Notebook Sleeve
Compact neoprene sleeve from Case Logic Inc. allows you to safely transport your mini notebook in any briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. Holds up ...
(FPCCC127 )
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M2010, M2011, M532, MH380, P1610, P1620, P1630, Q550, Q552, Q555, Q572, Q584, U810, U820, UH900
Hand Strap * NOT for Q550/Q552 WWAN
This hand strap makes handling and carrying your LIFEBOOK Tablet PC easier. The hand strap comes with attachment holders that allows you to attach it ...
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Q550, Q552, T580
Hand Strap
Make handling and carrying your Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC easier. This handstrap attaches to the screw bosses on the back of your tablet ...
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Stylistic ST4110, Stylistic ST4110P, Stylistic ST4120, Stylistic ST4120P, Stylistic ST4121, Stylistic ST5010, Stylistic ST5010D, Stylistic ST5011, Stylistic ST5011D, Stylistic ST5020, Stylistic ST5020D, Stylistic ST5021, Stylistic ST5021D, Stylistic ST5022, Stylistic ST5022D, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5111, Stylistic ST5112, Stylistic ST5112