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Magnetic Stripe Shell
This shell provides an integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) on the back of the tablet offering support for encrypted mobile payment transactions ...
(FPCSK323 )
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Chip & Pin Shell (Ingenico iCMP compatible)
This shell provides the housing to support an Ingenico iCMP compatible Chip and Pin Reader attachment on the back of the tablet. A Chip and Pin ...
(FPCCO155 )
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Smart Card Shell
This shell adds a Smart Card reader to the back of the tablet offering enhanced security capabilities. The Smart Card reader allows you to store ...
(FPCFP442 )
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StickPoint Rubber Cap Kit
Rubber Cap for U820 and UH900 StickPoint.3 pieces in the ...
(FPCPD27 )
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U820, UH900
Stickpoint Rubber Cap Kit
Extra Rubber Caps for E751 Stickpoint cursor. The Stickpoint cursor is availble on the E751 extended keyboard option. 3 pieces in the ...
(FPCPD30 )
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