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Mobile Security

Security - Rich Features Provide Layers of Protection

One of the biggest threats to enterprise security is illicit access to mobile devices that contain sensitive, confidential data and provide access to corporate networks. Since your mobile computer must be flexible and deployable in a variety of environments, Fujitsu uses multiple methods for securing its LIFEBOOK® and STYLISTIC® PCs from unauthorized access.

  • Our Trusted Platform Module solution combines an embedded TPM chip with software to uniquely identify the mobile device, authenticate it to the network, and securely encrypt files and data. For truly hardened security, encryption keys are stored on the chip and not on the hard drive.
  • Two-level BIOS and hard drive password protection prevent unauthorized users from changing BIOS settings or unlocking the drive, even if removed.
  • The integrated Fujitsu Security Panel offers 800,000 possible password combinations with supervisor and user password levels.
  • Smart Cards can store consolidated passwords and authenticate the user, preventing unauthorized logons or e-commerce actions.
  • An optional fingerprint sensor provides user authentification and easy password management via pre-installed OmniPass software: extreme security provided by the simple swipe of a finger.
  • Computrace BIOS persistence agent is now pre-loaded in the BIOS of most Fujitsu mobile PCs and can be used in conjunction with the Computrace software products. This provides a multi-layered, tamper-resistant security solution to enable organizations to address issues of regulatory compliance, data protection, computer theft recovery and asset tracking, data-protection and asset tracking.

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