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FUJITSU ETERNUS® Management Software


ETERNUSmpd combines, automatic load balancing for multiple path I/O capabilities and path failover functions into one integrated package for use on open server platforms connected to FUJITSU ETERNUS storage systems. With ETERNUSmpd you will be able to:

  • Enhance application availability and optimize performance using multiple paths
  • Ensure increased efficiencies and throughput with automatic load balancing
  • Manage more storage with fewer resources via automated path management
  • Keep applications running and information flowing in the event of failure
  • Simplify management and improve productivity in your enterprise


With ETERNUSmgr you can manage, discover, monitor, and configure your ETERNUS storage systems from a Web browser for complete storage management anytime, anywhere. With ETERNUSmgr you will be able to:

  • Provision, monitor, and configure ETERNUS networked storage systems from a single console
  • Utilize automated call home facilities for automatic notification of failures or impending failures

FUJITSU ETERNUS SF Storage Management Software

ETERNUS® SF offers the management software that enables customers to address the needs of their storage foundation. From managing multi-pathing to replication over a complex SAN, ETERNUS SF software products deliver the power of simplification.


With Storage Cruiser, even inexperienced administrators can proactively and safely manage the SAN to maintain optimal service levels. With StorageCruiser you will be able to:

  • Visually manage the physical and logical aspects of your SAN and ETERNUS resources
  • Centrally manage storage and SAN devices
  • Simplify troubleshooting process by identifying failed devices
  • Monitor Performance and tuning of the storage network resources
  • Reduce complexity and significantly decrease administration costs with end-to-end management view
  • Easily provision new storage to hosts
  • Use policy management facilities for efficient tuning and issue identification
  • Free staff from repetitive manual tracking, enabling higher productivity and faster problem isolation

ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Data Sheet (PDF 1,039 KB)

FUJITSU ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager (ACM)

ACM software from Fujitsu delivers centralized simple management of the ETERNUS SnapShot (OPC) and Mirror (EC) functions for data replication.

One Point Copy (OPC)

Creates multiple, point-in-time copies of your production data in seconds for faster data backup and recovery—increasing application availability. One Point Copy software cost-effectively accelerates backup and recovery through economical, disk-based “instant restore” of production data. OPC creates full-copy volumes of production data for non-disruptive backup. Restore applications and data in seconds versus the hours often required for traditional tape-based methods. With ETERNUS OPC you will be able to:

  • Increase application availability and performance
  • Eliminate issues related to slow, tape-based backup and recovery
  • Integrate SnapShots with Microsoft® Exchange and SQL Server for rapid disk-based backup and recovery
  • Easily manage SnapShots with ETERNUS Advanced Copy Manager

Equivalent Copy (EC)

Remote synchronous and asynchronous mirroring options for business continuity protection. ETERNUS SF EC protects your business and improves productivity by providing highly available data mirroring over any distance. Equivalent Copy provides highly available data storage—from across campus to around the globe—through synchronous or asynchronous data mirroring between ETERNUS arrays. ETERNUS EC is array based, which means replication is transparent to application performance. With ETERNUS Equivalent Copy you will be able to:

  • Maximize data availability and business continuity
  • Maintain an exact byte-for-byte copy of your production data in a secure, remote location
  • Choose between synchronous and asynchronous mirroring for ETERNUS systems
  • Failover to secondary sites for rapid disaster recovery
  • Integrate with OPC for secondary site backup operations
  • Easily manage Mirrors with ETERNUS Advanced Copy Management

ETERNUS SF AdvancedCopy Manager Data Sheet (PDF 587 KB)