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Intel® Firmware vulnerability INTEL-SA-00086

The information below includes a description of the vulnerability and details the steps recommended by Intel® and Fujitsu that users should take to remediate affected products.

In response to issues identified by external researchers, Intel® has performed an in-depth comprehensive security review of its Intel® Management Engine (ME), Intel® Trusted Execution Engine (TXE), and Intel® Server Platform Services (SPS) with the objective of enhancing firmware resilience.

As a result, Intel® has identified several security vulnerabilities that could potentially place impacted platforms at risk. Systems using ME Firmware versions 11.0/11.5/11.6/11.7/11.10/11.20, SPS Firmware version 4.0, and TXE version 3.0 are impacted. Fujitsu and Intel® highly recommend that all customers install updated firmware and Intel® Capability License Service on impacted platforms.

Details about the vulnerability:
A vulnerability could allow an attacker to perform the following attacks:

  • Impersonate the ME/SPS/TXE, thereby impacting the validity of local security features.
  • Load and execute arbitrary code outside the visibility of the user and operating system.
  • Cause a system crash or system instability.

For more detailed information please refer to Intel® Management Engine Critical Firmware Update (Intel-SA-00086)

Affected Products:
An overview of the Fujitsu affected products can be found here

The INTEL-SA-00086 Detection Tool will assist with detection of the security vulnerability described in INTEL-SA-00086.
Please note: Not all Fujitsu systems are affected by this issue.

Recommended steps:

  1. It is necessary to update the BIOS or firmware, and Intel® driver software.
  2. Consult the list of affected Fujitsu systems for the timing of BIOS, firmware and driver availability.
  3. To download the respective updates for your system, please go to the Fujitsu Support page and perform the following steps: