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Fujitsu Services for SAP

Fujitsu Upgrade Services for SAP

A pain-free SAP® upgrade is not an "impossible dream."

Have you considered upgrading your current SAP® solution? In today’s economic climate, many companies have. They’re looking to leverage the latest SAP® functionality and enhancements—and also reduce operating costs. And they know that SAP® support for earlier versions of its solutions may soon become unavailable.

An experienced Fujitsu SAP® team (with a 100% success rate on nearly 100 SAP® upgrades) can meet your upgrade requirements in three critical areas:

  • Technical – to safely upgrade you to the new version, including support for non-English instances with Unicode compliance
  • Functional – to add or update critical business functionality
  • Strategic – to facilitate a major change in landscape, such as the implementation of a shared service center

We can conduct a comprehensive, 2-day on-site Workshop that provides a high-level estimate of the budgetary impact of an SAP® upgrade. Alternately, we can perform a structured and efficient Upgrade Assessment that delivers:

  • A detailed project scope and cost estimate
  • A best practices-based implementation roadmap and timeline
  • Accurate hardware sizing
  • An effective support model

Many of our clients say that implementing an upgraded SAP® solution has transformed their businesses. At one food products company, for example, the least profitable division became the most profitable in short order.

Fujitsu CRM Services for SAP

Rev up Internet sales with Fujitsu SAP® CRM services.

Fujitsu can help you leverage SAP® CRM solutions to create a strong and effective Internet-based sales and service operation. With numerous successful global SAP® CRM deployments to date, Fujitsu can upgrade your current SAP® landscape or implement an entirely new CRM platform.

The experts on our SAP® team are known for creating solutions that deliver stellar business results. Among them:

  • Online sales process enablement—from ordering to fulfillment— that builds customer loyalty
  • Intuitive, self-service problem resolution that increases customer satisfaction and reduces churn
  • Granular insight into online behavior that helps to drive focused marketing activities

Fujitsu serves industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Tellabs, Lincoln Electric, and Whirlpool, and our accomplishments have earned their accolades. After working with our team, clients are quick to recognize accelerated order taking and processing, rapid, worry-free migrations, and dramatic increases in productivity.

Fujitsu Business Intelligence (BI) Services for SAP

There’s never been a better time to think about SAP® Business Objects™.

Are you using SAP® BI (BW) today but haven’t incorporated the latest functionality from SAP® Business Objects™? Do you need to automate planning or consolidation solutions because of a labor-intensive manual or Excel-based process? Have you heard that SAP® Business Objects™ is replacing BEX reporting with a powerful front-end toolset to help you align performance with strategic goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it’s time to act. Fujitsu can help you implement an SAP® Business Objects™ solution that delivers these compelling business benefits:

  • Effective decision support through the right information delivered at the right time in an easy-to-assimilate format
  • The ability to re-deploy IT and business resources to other strategic activities
  • Streamlined planning and consolidation processes that reduce cycle time, reporting errors, and non-compliance with regulatory mandates

The Fujitsu team knows SAP® Business Objects™ solutions in depth. And we’re experienced in implementing capabilities such as:

  • Appealing, easy-to-use presentation of KPIs through dashboards and cockpits
  • Query, analysis, and reporting capabilities that can be used in ad-hoc and self-service situations
  • A single version of the truth that supports reporting and analytics
  • “What if” scenario analysis for collaborative decision-making

Fujitsu has produced great results for leaders in a variety of industries. At Armour-Eckrich, Fujitsu implemented a BPC solution that reduced month-end closing time, increased accuracy in planning, budgeting, and forecasting, and improved profitability per product. At ConAgra Foods, our team enabled the company to retire an expensive proprietary system and replace it with a single planning and forecasting system that spans all operations.

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