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Fujitsu Logo Instructions Page



Artwork Colors
Artwork files have been prepared in different color options to accommodate various printing methods and screen presentations.

Black & White
Black & White
  Black (K:100%)
Black (K:100%)
Use this color when black is the only available ink color. Use black artwork to create tones of gray.
  White (K:0%)
White (K:0%)
Use this color for artwork on dark backgrounds.
  PANTONE ® Red 032C
Use this color only when PANTONE® Red 032C will be used as a separate plate in the printing process. Otherwise, use Fujitsu Red Process.
  PANTONE ® Warm Gray 9C
PANTONE® Warm Gray 9C
Use this color only when PANTONE® Warm Gray 9C will be used as a separate plate in the printing process.
4-color Process
4-color Process
  Fujitsu Red (CMYK)
Fujitsu Red (CMYK)
(C:0%, M:100%, Y:100%, K:0%). Use this color in 4-color process printing. (In offset printing, use of Pantone® Red 032C as an additional ink will achieve more vibrant results.)
Screen Colors (RGB)
Screen Colors
  Fujitsu Red Screen
Fujitsu Red Screen
(R:255%, G:0%, B:0%). Use this color for on-screen presentations, such as PowerPoint® and the Web. Do not use this color for print.

Authorized Artwork
The Symbol Mark and Message Lockup designs have been carefully considered, and should not be redrawn or altered in any way.

File Formats
The artwork files are saved in different file formats to enable you to use them in different applications. View the list below to choose the correct file format to fit your needs.

All artwork was created in Adobe® Illustrator® and saved in EPS format. It is preferable to use the Adobe Illustrator EPS files over other formats whenever possible.

EPS Files
EPS files were saved in Adobe Illustrator version 7.0 for maximum cross-platform compatibility. These files can be placed in most popular desktop publishing programs, opened in most vector drawing programs, and will print correctly from all postscript devices. Files can be opened and saved in Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or other programs in order to achieve transparency preview in high-end graphics applications.

Windows® Bitmap; RGB; Popular Windows format.

Encapsulated PostScript®; Fully scalable vector (line) artwork. Best format for high-end production.

Graphic Interchange Format; Commonly used for web; also used for screen display.

Joint Photographic Experts Group; Compression format for detailed artwork.

PowerPoint; RGB; Microsoft Office® screen presentation file.

Tagged Image File Format; Popular format for high-quality printing and preview.

Windows Metafile; Vector format for use with Microsoft Office applications.


File Naming Convention
Due to the large number of artwork files, a file-naming system has been created to help you understand the content of each file.

  Abbreviations Used for Naming Files

= Chinese
e = English
f = French
p = Portugese
v = Vietnamese

= Infinity Mark
ml = Message Lockup
sm = Symbol Mark

= 1-Color (black or white) for print
1c = 1-Color (PANTONE ®) for print
2c = 2-Color (PANTONE ®) for print (Symbol Mark in PANTONE ® Red 032C and Corporate Message in black)
4c = 4-Color (process) for print
ppt = For PowerPoint presentations
wb = For Web

= Gray
k = Black
r = Red
w = White

_a - _k
= Option A through K

bmp = Windows Bitmap
eps = Encapsulated PostScript (Adobe Illustrator)
gif = Graphics Interchange Format
jpg = Joint Photographic Experts Group
ppt = PowerPoint
tif = Tagged Image File Format
wmf* = Windows Metafile
*WMF format files are for Windows platform only

Fujitsu Artwork Sample  

Sizing the Artwork
On all EPS files, the width of the artwork has been created in an even measurement to simplify calculations when enlarging or reducing the artwork.

Symbol Mark
Symbol Mark
  Infinity Mark
Infinity Mark

GIF and JPEG Files
When downloading artwork, GIF and JPEG files may open directly in your browser window; in this case, they can be dragged to your desktop. You can also "right-click" or click and hold onto the links to save files.

Zipped Files
Vector artwork (EPS and WMF) files have been compressed into zip archives to enable proper downloading. For file size considerations, most TIF and BMP files have also been compressed into zip archives.

How to UnZip Files
For the Windows platform, use WinZip®, PKZIP® or a similar utility to unzip the vector artwork files after downloading. For the Macintosh® platform, use StuffIt Expander™ (version 5.x or higher) or ZipIt™ .

PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc. Microsoft®, Microsoft Office®, PowerPoint® and Windows® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Adobe®, Illustrator® and PostScript® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. WinZip® is a registered trademark of WinZip Computing, Inc. PKZIP® is a registered trademark of PKWARE, Inc. Macintosh® is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and/or other countries. StuffIt Expander™ is a trademark of Aladdin Systems, Inc. ZipIt™ is a trademark of Tom Brown. Other companies, brands and products are trademarks of their respective holders.