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CODi CT3 Checkpoint-Tested Phantom

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The CT-3 carrying case is designed to take advantage of new TSA standards that will allow you to save time and eliminate hassles while navigating airport security by leaving your mobile PC in the case. It features two distinct pockets hinged by military grade ballistic nylon, allowing the case to lay flat while passing through airport x-ray machines, eliminating the need to remove the unit from the case. Travelers can simply grab the case from the conveyor with one hand and go. The case secures itself with Velcro between the compartments.

Product Features:

  • Business organization system great for carrying your CODi accessories, featuring: 3 stylus/pen pockets, 4 elasticized pockets, dual business/credit card pockets, key fob for enhanced security, but still easy accessible.
  • Twin compartment design with a dedicated compartment for the laptop computer to ensure a clear x-ray image, while the other pocket includes a file section and pockets.
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap.
  • Carry-all sleeve conveniently incorporated in rear of case, for maximum portability with any of our CODi wheeled cases.
  • Velcro and side buckles keep two compartments secured for portability and a trim design.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight : 2 lbs. 8 oz.
  • Dimensions : 16.5" x 6.25" x 12.25"

NOTE: TSA is not approving or endorsing any bag design or manufacturer and will only allow laptops to stay in bags through screening if they provide a clear and unobstructed X-ray image of the laptop. The CT-3 carrying case is designed to comply with the standards articulated last year by TSA that will permit such expedited handling at X-ray processing, but TSA always reserves the right to require the PC to be removed from the case.

(product #FPCCC126)

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