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Main Lithium ion Battery
Carry an extra main battery to swap in for more battery life. 6-cell, 10.8v, 5200 ...
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S2110, S6240
High Capacity Main Lithium ion Battery
This high-capacity main battery gives you an extra boost so you can get more works done one a single charge. Lithium ion: 6 cell, 63 ...
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Main Battery Pack (2-cell)
Carry an extra main battery to swap in for more battery life.2 cell, ...
(FPCBP475 )
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Battery Pack
Removable, rechargeable, 3400mAh 6-cell Lithium ion battery pack for your pen tablet. Note: Online purchase of this item is not available. Please ...
(CP098635-01 )
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Stylistic LT, Stylistic LT C-500, Stylistic LT P-600, Stylistic LT P-600F, Stylistic LT P-600T
High-Capacity Main Lithium ion battery(6-Cell)
Carry an extra, quick-change replacement battery and you won't miss a beat. This main battery gives you extra battery life to carry around with you ...
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P770, S760, T580

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