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Server Reliability

A heritage of performance and availability

Fujitsu is known for proven, end-to-end enterprise reliability built on the foundation of its enterprise servers. These products reflect our vast mainframe experience and our deep commitment to reliability. Our industry-standard servers run on Windows®, Linux or Solaris®, and cover your needs from small- and medium-sized businesses to corporate data centers.

  • Sophisticated Cool-safe® technology and multiple redundant, hot-plug components improve performance and increase system availability.
  • To reduce downtime, multiple processor-level and system-level mechanisms and redundancies are used for error detection and recovery. All Fujitsu servers are carefully architected so you don’t need to depend on recovery mechanisms alone.
  • Fujitsu high-end servers host multiple, electrically isolated partitions so they can be serviced separately without taking the entire system offline.
  • Integrated redundant management processors continuously monitor hardware in real time.
  • The Fujitsu Enterprise Computer Heritage shows the developments that led to the rich variety of successful technologies which ensure top line reliability and performance in today's business environments.

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