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Infineon TPM Vulnerability

The information below includes a description of the vulnerability and details the steps recommended by Infineon and Fujitsu that users should take to secure affected product lines.

A vulnerability in Infineon TPM hardware has been discovered recently with outdated TPM firmware using an algorithm that generates weaker RSA keys. This page provides information on how to update outdated TPM firmware.

For more detailed information please refer to the Infineon web site:

Microsoft has published additional information relating to operating systems. For detailed information please refer to the Microsoft web site:

Affected Products:
An overview of the Fujitsu affected products can be found here

Fujitsu is providing an easy to use Windows-based tool for end customers to identify whether a TPM is installed in their system. If the tool finds a TPM in the system, then it will show the relevant TPM and firmware version. This tool can be found here: TPM Information Tool
Please note: for some affected products, TPM was sold as an optional component. This means that not all systems are affected by this issue.

Recommended steps:

  1. Consult the list of affected Fujitsu systems.
  2. Before updating the TPM firmware, please make sure that you save your encryption keys, decrypt all your encrypted data and backup to an external storage device, to avoid any data loss.
  3. To download the respective TPM firmware update package for your system, please go to the Fujitsu Support page and perform the following steps:

WARNING: Clearing the TPM resets it to factory defaults. All created keys will be deleted and you will therefore lose access to any data encrypted by those keys.
For more detailed information regarding TPM Clear please refer also to the following Microsoft site: